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Jitterbug • Michigan

So I've been with this girl for about a week. I really like her but yesterday we had a talk, and she seemed really off. She kept saying she was "confused" and blah, blah blah, girly suspicious responses. Then I found out today she has been talking to her super douche x-boyfriend. It would be a waste to go too much into it but this guy is a manipulative, stalker, cheating, freak.
Jitterbug replied 1 years ago

but I'm them talking has something to do with her sudden doubts. Its a bummer because she has been telling all our friends that she really likes me, and really likes the way a treat her. What the hell do I do? I can sense that he is pulling us apart, and I really like her. Is giving up my only option?

metalmurf replied 1 years ago

I wouldn't use the words 'give up' but rather you have to let her figure it out for herself. If she's not ready for a 'nice guy' and would prefer a 'super douche' there is nothing you can do to stop her. The only thing you need to do is be yourself and be a man and she'll either figure out you're a catch or she won't. If she doesn't, find someone else who's ready for a 'nice guy'.

annon replied 1 years ago

I agree with metalmurf, let her know she has to make a decision. Either stays with x-douche and you move on, or picks you and
removes all contact with x-douche. All this, assuming she is mature
and responsible enough to honor any decision she makes. If, for
example, she picks you, but later on the x keeps showing up in
conversations, I'd get out instantly.

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