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"Once a cheater always a cheater," is this true?
UgoStrange replied 1 years ago

Well a lot of factors go into cheating. Like his/her bf/gf beat her or she's just totally mean to the guy then I could how those situations would lead someone to cheat. BUT if they have a history of cheating randomly...I'd TOTALLY support "Once a cheater always a cheater."

crustacean replied 1 years ago

I don't like generalizations like this. Depends on the guy and why he cheated to begin with. I don't believe this is always true but is probably "mostly true". For me I'd like to think that I'm not destined to be "always a cheater" because I had a poor choice in the past.

EarthDKaider replied 1 years ago

This is SO not true, I've cheated plenty of times in the past!...Oh wait...

Jitterbug replied 1 years ago

Yeah its a pretty good rule of thumb

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