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i was crushing on a girl for all for 4 years of high school, and i have done everything i can to improve upon myself to make me worthy of her. but i was too late and we graduated. we still live in the same town, but go to different colleges. i think to my self that i will run into her one day and she will be impressed as i am always self improving. she's all i ever think about, is that wrong?
annon replied 2 years ago

The only thing that's wrong is that you're a pussy for two reasons: 1. you waited the entire 4 years to talk to her and ofc it ended up
being too late; 2. improve yourself to make yourself worthy of
her ?! What the f***, is she royalty or something ? The only thing
that needs improvement is your BALLS department. Grow a pair
and ask her out. NOW. Yes, now. Tell her you've had a crush..

annon replied 2 years ago

..on her since high school, if she asks why. Do it NOW, you wuss. GO!

Jitterbug replied 2 years ago

Annon and Aries pretty much summed it up, you're worthless.

stopdroplol replied 2 years ago

Damn, I thought I was harsh. Here's what you do: talk to her.

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