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Jitterbug • Michigan

{Saying no} A girl wrote a post earlier about how she had gotten drunk with a guy and he went at her aggressively she at first said no but then gave in. I wanted to give my two bits as someone who is dating someone who was in every sense of the world raped. Saying no a couple of times and then the guy being persistent enough to get you into bed does not constitute rape. If you did not make ..
Jitterbug replied 2 years ago

The situation soberingly clear then it is not convincing to me (or a jury) that you were fully opposed to the situation and that there was criminal intent. When you accuse someone of rape it is life changing even without a conviction. They are permanently labeled as a pervert and a bully, I personal would be happy seeing rapist executed. This is why it is necessary for when young women...

Jitterbug replied 2 years ago

Are put in situations like this they know how to say know, and make the situation absolutely clear. Say no and follow it up with I have no desire to continue and if you continue you will be raping me. There will be absolutely no doubt in his mind that he is now crossing a criminal boundary, and that you have no interest in him. Any further pursuit by him is absolutely despicable and...

Jitterbug replied 2 years ago

deserves to be treated with the prejudice allocated to only the most heinous of crimes. Although if you have failed to make it clear and "gave in" without properly clarifying the situation. You are submitting to peer pressure and nothing more. You feeling dirty does not make him a rapist. You cannot accuse every guy who has ever treated in a way that made you feel "dirty" of rape...

Jitterbug replied 2 years ago

In the end the sense of dirtiness is not his fault or responsibility, not all men are gentlemen but that does not make them rapist. There are plenty of women who can tell you about times they were pressured into sex and eventually gave in but are under no delusion they were raped. The blame of these occurrences may lye with school or parents for not properly teaching their daughters how to ...

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