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Daxter • Ontario, Canada, 20

Resident Gay of Relatious.

So I'm curious as to why women fake it (besides "because we can").

As a gay man, we dont do that, if he's doing it wrong, we tell him right away.

sophie replied 6 years ago

i personally don't but I guess some women do so as to not hurt the guy's feelings that he couldn't fully satisfy her...though that only leads to bad sex in the end from lack of proper communication

Daxter replied 6 years ago

But the whole point of telling him he's doing it wrong is so he GET'S BETTER.

magneticembrace replied 6 years ago

i dont fake it. if i have to work to please you then you have to do the same

juicy_j replied 6 years ago

man/man dynamics is not the same as woman/ man. But women think they are protecting the man's ego...as the truth is being mean. Women are socially condition to be nice and and pleasant.

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