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I met this guy at a party thru a friend at work. We get along, both like music and comics and video games. The only problem is that he seems rather apathetic. When we hang out or go on dates I ask him questions about himself like what would he do if he could do anything, or go anywhere.. And his answer is always "IDK". Am I intimidating him or should I just move on to someone with imagination?
scottwallace replied 2 years ago

He sounds like a boring load

ItalianDave replied 2 years ago

give him another chance, and next time if he's that way again, see ya.

magneticembrace replied 2 years ago

i dated a dude like this once. we were friends for years. we got along great and it looked good on paper. texts were interesting and friendly but when we hung out it got more boring and boringer [haha] after every date. try a few more times but if its not working, its not working.

danceallnight replied 2 years ago

I agree with ItalianDave. Give him another chance and see how things go. He could just be nervous. If it's a repeat, then I don't see why you should keep pursuing him (unless you're really, really into him and have the motivation to keep trying to crack his shell).

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