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Jitterbug • Michigan

{Opinion Question} How old do you think you have to be in order to give valuable relationship advice?
Jitterbug replied 2 years ago

@Aries I think the first part of your statement would only pertain to the level of advice you need. Reassurance that true love isn't movie drama and infatuation isn't really necessary for most vetted people. A true problem like whether or not you should stay with your husband and father of 3 of your kids probably requires deeper insight. The second part I wont address.

stopdroplol replied 2 years ago

Yeah age doesn't count for much. I've known high schoolers more intelligent than people in their 30's. Not that it really matters since the person you'd want advice from would be someone who most relates to your own culture and belief system. It should also be noted that the majority of the time we say we want advice, we really want confirmation or just someone to listen.

annon replied 2 years ago

Age is irrelevant. Experience is what matters. That is why some 20 year olds know more about sex and/or relationships than 40-50
year olds. And viceversa, ofc.

love_your_stuff replied 2 years ago

6,570 days. But seriously it's not about age, it's about whether you can relate to the situation and if you're offering advice to help or to make yourself feel superior.

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