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Jitterbug • Michigan

Is it better to be ignorant and blissful or knowledgeable and miserable?
sophie replied 2 years ago

depends on the situation..like that 2 girls 1 cup video, I would definitely agree with Athena and go for the ignorance is bliss

Jitterbug replied 2 years ago

When someone is cheating on you but assume that you are happy as a clam and truly believe everything is fine and have no doubt whatsoever about your relationship.

sophie replied 2 years ago

I would want to know that the relationship that I am putting so much effort into isn't in vain. so yeah the knowing and miserable part I guess

cup replied 2 years ago

Knowledge does not cause misery. Avoiding knowledge causes ignorance. An true shinobi always confronts his fears,instead of hiding behind an shadow of lies.It is the only way too progress in life.-ninja

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