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Jitterbug • Michigan

{Ladies} Do you like men better shaved or unshaved? Includes all parts of the body. Be sure to include the one your talking about.
rinikitty replied 2 years ago

I actually dont like it when a guy shaves their balls and crotch area. It totally turns me off. I like when they maintain thier bush when it gets too big but shaving(even a little) turns me off.

peachesandcream replied 2 years ago

i prefer it to be ehh. . .well maintained . dont hide the jewels but they dont need to be perfectly groomed and bald either

magneticembrace replied 2 years ago

body unshaved. but down there it needs to be groomed. no bald shit. that's gross. but no jungle esp if you want me to go down.

juicy_j replied 2 years ago

As a guy, women are very happy when i shave my balls ( i know cus they tell me so). Not to mention you get more sensitivity. My friend was complains that his wife cease to suck his dick, and called me gay for shaving downstairs. I assumed his wife didn't want to suck his disgusting hairy dick and balls. Ironically gay guys at my wk said shaving ur genitals was "fag shit"

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