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Daxter • Ontario, Canada, 20

Resident Gay of Relatious.

The god damned guy didn't bother to clean his ass out and I ended up with a smudge of shit on my arm and bedsheet before the night was over!

What was your worst sexual experience?
Omega231984 replied 6 years ago

Should've broke his leg

Daxter replied 6 years ago


sophie replied 6 years ago

haha...mine probably isn't that bad the guy took one look at me naked then blew his load, then he got embarrassed and ran off lol

anonny replied 6 years ago

mine was when i first had sex with this guy ,while we were doin it,i realized i had my period..when we were done..he asked if i was a virgn cz there ws blood onhis penis!i said no i gt my Period Sorry!he got soo grossed out.he stoped callin me!

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