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I’m 21 and my sis is 18. I always been bi but I haven’t done anything with another woman and I’m really shy about it. I talked to my sis about it and she told me that her and a lot of her friend have thought about it too. I told her that I really wanted to try it but I wasn’t ready, and we decided to try it together in a comfortable setting.
CatalinaC replied 2 months ago

So we got some drinks and kissed a few times…then fingering, she was very wet and very horny and suddenly we’re in my room having full on sex! And I loved it and I could tell she did too. We went down on each other, rubbed our pussies together. We were fine with each other the next day (Saturday) but she said we shouldn’t do it again because it’s incest and it’s illegal. I said ok but…

CatalinaC replied 2 months ago

it was honestly the best orgasm I never had and I really wanna do it again with her. Should I just give up and write it off as a one time thing or try again? Has this happened to anyone else ?

joelle replied 1 months ago

This sounds to me like a guy fantasizing...

lookingdeeper replied 1 months ago

how do u know it was just b/c of her maybe u will get the same higher satisfaction with any women? u should try that to be sure b4 approaching ur sis

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