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Is it cheating if your not actually doing it?
Ok so I have a bf but I've been flirting with this other guy over text and I asked him if it was cheating and he said no if we weren't actually doing anything to each other. But is it cheating if you are flirting with another guy over text?
metalmurf replied 1 years ago

It's cheating to me because if you really cared for the guy you're with now, you wouldn't tolerate that kind of behavior from your text buddy or yourself. Be true to yourself. Decide what you want. If it's with this text buddy or just single, show your current boyfriend and yourself some respect and break-up with him.

Athena replied 1 years ago

Completely agree^ You're seeking sexual attention from someone other than your bf, and even if it isn't physical, you're still going behind his back.

crustacean replied 1 years ago

The simplist rule of thumb is that if you feel guilty then it's cheating (or you're just an ass).

EarthDKaider replied 1 years ago

i don't play that shit. my girl goes around textin' some dude i don't know and flirtin' you can believe imma ask what's up.

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