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EarthDKaider • Mariam, KY


So I'm new. i'm dating this chick and everytime we f*** and i cum i gotta piss right after. i'm worried about accidently pissing in her one day or on her when shes giving me head, is that natural? is there a way to control it or am i the only one. i don't think i am but ya never kno.
EarthDKaider replied 3 years ago

did they censor out my f***, that is f***in' weak!

crustacean replied 3 years ago

I've never heard that one. Sounds like some kind of prostrate issue. Better get checked out. I don't think your girl would appreciate that kind of accident.

stopdroplol replied 3 years ago

It's normal. And if it puts your mind at ease, it's impossible to cum and pee at the same time.

lookingdeeper replied 2 years ago

it's actually a good thing, peeing clears out leftover cum and prevents infection. u may want to warn her if u can't hold it though

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