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new to the site. this really should have more people on it. I'll pop my relatious cherry by asking my first question: This girl I've been hooking up with lately likes doggystyle. I wouldnt mind that except for I get tired, like its physically exhuasting for me. Is that normal? What can I do?
joelle replied 3 years ago

Yes, tiring it is. Get in shape, run, exercise. It's really worth it, you won't find many girls that make you sexually tired!

crustacean replied 3 years ago

You poor thing. Listen to yourself. Are you one of those people that will always find something to complain about?

AriesFire replied 3 years ago

agree with @Joelle...get the sit up and crunches together!

Athena replied 3 years ago

It's cool that your girl like doggy style, but if you're feeling tired, there's no reason you can't ask her to get on top for a while. Besides, it's good to switch things up. Keep it interesting.

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