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Anonymous asked 3 weeks ago
I'll be going on a Date for the first time, where do you folks suggest I take her, the movies, a place or restaurant she or myself like, bowling? at this point I'm blank where do I take Her..Please do help. Thank you
twojsmom replied 3 weeks ago

Not a movie you cant talk... a restaurant and ideally one where you can easily go for a walk aftewards but if your very young (first date and all) dont you go out with other people (like bowling or the mall)

juicy_j replied 3 weeks ago

the purpose of this first date isnt to dance around like a monkey and entertain her, but make a BOLD impression, it not just fun and memorable! smt where u can talk, touch, and connect, but something keep u comfortable...smt in ur own element. go eat..get a caricature drawn together..smt to make it an Event while you bringing the PARTY w/ u. simple as shopping in the mall n eating in food court

annon replied 3 weeks ago

I agree with everything juicy said above, the first date is where you PROVE her choice of going out with you was not a mistake, it's
where you go from strangers to possible lovers. So do everything
possible to bring out the awesome out of you, go to places where
you feel confortable, do things that you like, where you can TALK
more than dance or wtvr because TALKING is what you want to..

annon replied 3 weeks ago

..do as much as possible. I also agree with capry, dinner @ first date could be too serious for some girls, but you can do something
else that's more fun before dinner. My point is take her to a fun
place where you feel confortable and be as awesome as you can.
Oh, and don't lie, be honest because a ruined relationship starts
with the smallest lies on the first date.

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