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A woman has a text relationship with me when her husband is at work. I make sure to keep it heated to the point that I have asked to be a FWB or friend with benefits. She says maybe and I believe it. She is sexy and there has always been a special friendship relationship in passing where she opens up, shares and is easy to talk to. how do you turn this to recreational sex? without causing prob
zen replied 2 months ago

What kind of "problem" are you talking about? you're basically asking for an affair, which is effectively asking for trouble.
Other than that, this isn't too different from any other relationships. She will do whatever she wants to do, your part is just put it out there (no pun intended, and non-verbal hints work best).

sophie replied 2 months ago

why would you put so much effort into making any sort of a relationship happening with a married woman...there's plenty of other SINGLE women out there...

spetsnaz replied 2 months ago

If she doesnt have kids hit it as much as you want its nsa pussy shes not attached to you shes married.

stopdroplol replied 2 months ago

What do the kids have to do with anything?

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