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Daxter • Ontario, Canada, 20

Resident Gay of Relatious.

Today for dinner, slow-roasted pork. Got a piece of Loin bigger then my arm, rubbed it up with a bit of butter, puree of garlic, and doing it in the oven for 5 hours, basting every hour. Hope I can wait that long to eat it :D
Daxter replied 6 years ago

Wish I had some sprigs of Thyme though

Daxter replied 6 years ago

I got a kilo of potatoes, so I guess Mash. I put a bit of 4cheese tomato sauce in my mashed potatoes, adds a bit of spice :D

Daxter replied 6 years ago

Gotta use Hunts though, they make the best sauces :D

dongle replied 6 years ago

She's not talking about food. It's a parable; go figure ;) As long as she doesn't burn his a$$ in the oven.....

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